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This is a group for Spiritual Seekers, healers, meditators, people wanting to know themselves better, or anyone wanting to explore the metaphysical unknown. promoting a scientific approach to spirituality and the occult for the new age seeker. commit


We started this study group to meet the needs of people whose interest is deepening their spiritual awareness and personal enrichment. There is a growing community of people looking for uplifting and empowering spiritual teachings outside the confine

Spiritual Seekers, Truth Seekers

Discover sacred geometry. Since ancient times, sacred geometry has been studied to gain understanding of the scientific and spiritual laws of the universe. In this group, we explore a basic understanding of the sacred geometry patterns which, as mode


Meet other local friendly people interested in discussing ideas about personal growth, spirituality and metaphysics.  Turning the sour lemon elements in our lives into lemonade, lemon ices, lemon chiffon, lemon meringue...  Yes that implies facing th

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This is a group for Spiritual Seekers, healers, meditators, people wanting to know themselves better, or anyone wanting to explore the metaphysical unknown. promoting a scientific approach to spirituality and the occult for the new age seeker. commit


Women and men, join us to explore spiritual and self-help topics with some of the spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Area. The focus of this group is to bridge the spiritual with emotional and physical health.  


Meet with other local people who are interested in discussing the "thinkers" film, What the Bleep do we Know? We are a community where any view point can be explored, and no particular view is ever discounted or promoted. We have no dogma and no o


Exploring Spiritual Awakening Together Beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond what you have always believed about yourself is your true nature. We are in a time period where rapid acceleration and the re-membering of our selves ~ our multi-dimensionalit…­

Evolutionary Energetic Explorers

Holistic Light House leases office space and classrooms to teachers, counselors & therapists intent on helping others to grow and heal.  Space can be leased hourly- monthly. Learn tools of intuition, break free of confidence issues, continue your he


Learn Energy Skills and participant in advancing your intuitive abilities.Sacred Circle for Lightworkers offers an opportunity for spiritually seeking people to join with like-minded friends and teachers to learn about a variety of metaphysical topic


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November 20, 2014

Who are you? What is aware within us? We are meeting to explore the mystery of consciousness -- through mindfulness and behavioral techniques, without religious dogma -- in order to create a spiritual community for skeptics and believers willing to d

November 18, 2014

Inner Joy is a voluntary initiative to foster and actively promote common Peace, Wellness, Awakening & most importantly Inner Joy. Each weekend, we commit to explore newer avenues to uplift our self consciousness by organizing out-camps, day retreat

Self Seekers
November 17, 2014

If God exists, He or She must've have left at least one clue about His/Her existence. That clue would have to be universal, unbounded by time, geography, culture, sex, age, race, income level, education level, body type, etc. This group is unlike any

Purpose seekers
November 15, 2014

Do you ever have questions about the world around you? Are you interested in meeting people from different walks of life?~~~~You've found the right group! In this meet up, people from all over Philadelphia come together to discuss the source of our e

November 14, 2014

Tokyo Science Meetup from Astroplus is a meetup for scientists who want discuss science. Ain't you familiar with science? No problem. Just join us! We will discuss beauty science, food science, pharma science and astrological science. Theme will be d

November 12, 2014

This is a group for those who are interested in studying and practicing the principles of spirituality, metaphysics, and A Course in Miracles. If you are ready to have fun, connect, learn new perspectives and Re-discover your true Self, then you alre

Fun Perfectionist
November 12, 2014

Develop your spiritual and psychic gifts with one of the country's oldest metaphysical study groups. Founded in 1881, Historic Sunset Spiritualist Church brings Spiritualism to Central Kansas. Join us for classes, workshops and worship services as we

November 12, 2014

Lifetree Cafe is an hour-long experience packed with interesting stories, fascinating people, and lively conversation that will feed your soul. The main entree at Lifetree Cafe is food for thought. Come enjoy a comfortable, safe place. A place to mee

Friends - doing life, doing good
November 10, 2014

Spirituality made simple through the direct teachings of the Ascended Masters including Jesus, El Morya, Kuthumi, Maitreya, Saint Germain and more! Teachings from the 7 great Archangels, and other Cosmic Beings associated with the Great White Brother

Spiritual Seekers
November 7, 2014

Often people say I believe in God but... The character of God as presented in religious teachings just doesn't seem to fit with what I feel. Sometimes I feel the presence of maybe "spirits" but I don't know what to think about that. Science is findin

Truth Seekers
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